Changing domain names does not usually affect SEO if the design remains the same: Google’s Mueller

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July 24, 2020, 4:09 PM UTC

Search rankings can be impacted by various factors, including a domain name change and website redesigns.

Making changes like switching from one CMS to another, website restructuring, changing URLs, and internal linking and significant design changes can cause SEO Fluctuations. But, implementing these changes one at a time can help marketers track any change that has a negative effect.

Mueller says changing the website’s domain name while keeping the content and site structure intact is more stable than a complete site overhaul. He further adds, “Moving things 1:1 from one domain to another is – for the most part – a non-issue.”

Though, businesses should be careful about any major unintentional changes during a website redesign. Marketers should then address the issues that are beyond their control, like soft 404s and missing images. 

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