Base marketing decisions on data to improve campaign performance and boost ROI

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July 27, 2020, 7:58 AM UTC

Data belonging to types like transactional, collected, created, and more enables businesses to enhance marketing efforts and target the right audience.

This article states that to create effective digital marketing campaigns, reach audiences across channels and drive ROI brands must base their marketing decisions on data. Creating marketing reports that include conversion, awareness, and ROI metrics helps fine-tune marketing strategies.

Brands must leverage click-through-rate and demographic data to deliver targeted and personalised messages and identify the most effective channels for marketing campaigns. Track customer interactions across social media platforms using data analytics to have cross-channel visibility and enhance communications across platforms.

Insights from this can further allow marketers to target and nurture prospective consumers, and improve funnel marketing approach. The author contends brands can leverage third-party data from cross-device ID tracking to understand consumers better.

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