Transparent data sharing and collaboration can help achieve enhanced incrementality on CTV

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July 27, 2020, 10:59 AM UTC

Despite CTV's rising significance, managing ad-frequency is a challenge. 

The ad buying process and the way apps on CTV devices package their inventory makes it difficult for advertisers to prevent the risk of ad collision: showing multiple ads from the same campaign – often the same creative – several times. Enabling data sharing and collaboration between advertisers, inventory sources and buying platforms can help establish optimal ad frequency.

 Data sharing and collaboration can help publishers demonstrate the unique reach of their inventory and efficiently manage ad-frequency across combined campaigns. Similar transparency around ad placements can also guide media buyers and planners to design and execute campaigns efficiently.

The author contends that these insights with consistent metrics can help improve ad incrementality and efficiency on CTV. With both AVOD platforms and engaged viewers rising, CTV offers endless opportunities.

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