Video game-related ads are the most impactful places brands can show up in esports category

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July 27, 2020, 10:00 AM UTC

Mediahub’s recent survey of Americans aged 13 to 65 years states that brands must seriously consider esports.

The report states 72% of Americans want brands to show up in the esports category if they could keep up with the conversation and know what’s going on in that space. However, 58% appreciate that brands are investing in the space. 42% say video-game-related ads are the most “impactful” spots for brands to appear in esports.

Brands only spent $1.5 billion into esports, while spending on TV and streaming was $59.4 billion and $15.7 billion respectively. Of those polled, 42% say that watching streamers and gaming content is no different from watching TV.

Majority consumers of gaming are Gen Z and millennials. Comedy (50%), music (36%), and tech (32%) are topics streamers talk about, that consumers find entertaining.

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