Emphasise on branding in marketing campaigns to build positive brand equity

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July 28, 2020, 11:10 AM GMT+0

Brand equity can have a direct impact on the sales and reputation of a business.

This piece recommends that businesses evaluate their corporate image, analyse consumer perceptions, and communicate values through marketing campaigns to build positive brand equity. Research public opinions and understand what audiences want to make better marketing decisions to build brand equity.

Use consistent colours, images and tones in consumer-facing content and emphasise on branding to communicate strong brand messages. Marketers must leverage data from reviews and improve customer interactions to turn consumer insights into actionable steps.

Companies can highlight unique selling propositions to differentiate themselves from competitors and build a helpful presence on social media for better brand equity. Measure the performance of content offers, social media platforms, and analyse company’s finances to identify relative dip in sales to negative reviews to improve brand equity.

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