Implementing the PESO model can help PR professionals measure the effectiveness of their efforts

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July 28, 2020, 4:35 PM UTC

It can also help accurately measure both vanity and data-driven PR metrics.

Using the PESO model in PR strategies can help measure vanity metrics like brand awareness by calculating the number of brand followers. Supplementing these efforts with Google Analytics can help track website traffic, views and social shares of each content.

Leveraging big data can help public relation professionals understand their target audiences’ thought process. Big data can also guide PR experts to influence high-level decisions on product and market positioning. Analysing data metrics can further help professionals identify and nurture marketing qualified leads as well as sales qualified leads.

Regular monitoring can shorten the sales cycles by helping design relevant content that stays with the audience. But, PR professionals should prioritise two metrics, domain authority and search rankings, to effectively measure their efforts.

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