Using a smart UTM manager can help marketers accurately attribute each ad click

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July 28, 2020, 5:36 PM UTC

UTMs help in tracking the source of website traffic and can also assist in determining last-click attribution. 

Smart UTM managers can help brands identify website visits from specific ad campaigns and standardise UTM tags to drive reliable and quality marketing data. These tools can further help marketers better analyse data by showing actionable insights necessary for optimising each campaign. 

Marketers can also use tools like Oribi to track custom events on the brand’s website. It can aid marketing professionals in creating lookalike audiences, refining the retargeting campaigns and improve ad sets by analysing key events. 

Setting up Google Data Studio can further help brands have a unified view of data, collected from Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager and Google Ads. These tools can assist marketers effectively use data to optimise Facebook and Google ad campaigns without coding. 

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