Timely sales popups can help businesses promote discounted products

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July 29, 2020, 3:50 PM UTC

With the right deployment, popups can be versatile tools that help achieve different conversion goals.

A sales popup can help ecommerce brands promote discount offers in specific brands, product or categories, and guide visitors to relevant pages. Using a colour scheme that is different from the website design can make the popup stand out.

Marketers should use clear and bold headlines, a small image of the discounted product, discount level and a CTA button. But, they should avoid using excessive text in the popup to prevent distractions. Ecommerce websites can also use popups to target already engaged customers and push mid-funnel leads towards conversion.

With a time-bound or limited-time discount offer, businesses can drive urgency and convince prospects to take action. Using popups can help promote limited-time deals can also reduce friction in the sales funnel.

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