Twitter’s Media Studio can help brands optimise video content and enhance engagement

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July 29, 2020, 3:34 PM UTC

Videos are the “#3 reason” why people use Twitter.

Creating and posting video content on Twitter can help brands effectively improve reach, connect with audiences, and increase shares. Marketers can leverage Twitter’s Media Studio tool to schedule tweets and modify their video uploads on the platform.

Brands also can use the Media Studio tool on Twitter to add metadata, call-to-action, captions, and links to their videos to improve engagement. They can also share videos without retweeting by selecting the “Copy link to Tweet” option from the share button on Android and press and hold on the video for a “Tweet Video” option on iOS.

Brands can also demonstrate their care for the community by sending personal video replies to their followers. Conducting Q&A sessions on Twitter can help marketers respond to queries with personal video replies and increase interactions.

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