Update old content with new keywords, central topics, facts and more

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July 30, 2020, 1:30 AM UTC

This can help give a company’s marketing efforts a boost.

This article shares tips on re-optimising old marketing content. By this, brands can give their overall SEO performance a boost and attract new customers to their website. To begin with, old content must be reviewed for mistakes and factual errors.

For some content, it could make more sense to completely discard it and create new content instead. But, other pieces may simply need new data, facts and figures to be added to it. Dated content must be adjusted to focus on new keywords and new central topics.

Further, such updation and reorganisation may only result in marginal digital gains. To see considerable progress, brands must prepare for a second launch of the updated content. This could be through advertising on social media, email marketing, promoting content on forums and more.

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