Offering exclusive previews to loyal customers can help brands effectively promote new products

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August 03, 2020, 3:15 PM UTC

This piece highlights 12 ways in which businesses can successfully promote a new product or service.

Companies should offer loyal customers an exclusive preview of an upcoming product or service as these customers are not only most likely to buy it but also promote it within their network. Brands can invite customers to test these new products and gather their feedback either in-person or through a virtual pre-launch party.

Instead of merely announcing a new product or service, businesses can make it a part of a special introductory deal like “buy one get one free deal”. Creating a sense of urgency by highlighting limited time or inventory can further help improve conversions.

Conducting contests on social media can help push engagement and bring new prospects on-board. Businesses should also allow contest winners to experience new offerings for free or discounted prices.

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