Brands must create landing page ads relevant to searchers' intent to boost Quality Scores

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August 04, 2020, 11:20 AM UTC

Quality Score is an estimate of keywords’ and ads’ relevance, used by search engines and social platforms to charge advertisers for each click.

This article states creating relevant ads, for landing pages, with great user experience to help brands improve Quality Scores and boost ad ranking while lowering CPC. With landing pages often being the first interaction point for consumers, marketers must understand how platforms measure Quality Score to improve search ranking.

Creating ads relevant to visitor’s intent and interests and consistently updating them can help brands improve landing page experiences and boost Quality Scores. To improve this Score on Google Ads, create a positive landing page experience with relevant keywords.

Decreasing the bounce rate on Microsoft Advertising can improve Quality Score. Building quality ads on Facebook can enhance engagement and conversion rates, and improve Quality Score.

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