Leverage thought leaders to communicate expertise and connect with consumers during crises

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August 04, 2020, 7:33 AM UTC

Adapting PR pitches to the issues and needs of different regions can help communicate with consumers effectively.

This article suggests PR and brand communication strategies businesses must adopt amid the pandemic to deliver relevant messages to consumers and prospects. Monitor news and social conversation through social listening and factor in relevant information to create messages that resonate with consumers' experiences.

PR professionals must amplify and utilise the company’s thought leaders and their expertise to strategically communicate around news and topics of interest. Sharing relevant expertise on platforms where audiences acts as a resource for consumers, media, and employees.

Communicating CSR efforts transparently allows brands to demonstrate care and support for their communities and societies and enhance goodwill. Craft tailored PR pitches with translated storylines aligned with the needs and issues of different regions to maximise coverage globally.

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