Repurposing video and audio content can help create shareable social media posts

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August 04, 2020, 3:44 PM UTC

Brands should have the right tools in place to capture content in all possible formats.

Instead of individually transferring a single piece of content into different forms, marketers should use technological tools to repurpose their material simultaneously. Videos, for instance, can be uploaded on YouTube and video streaming sites while the transcript of its audio file can be used to create a blog post.

Various tools like Zoom offer cloud-recording features that allow capturing and downloading audio files separately. Marketers can use such tools to generate high-quality audio files for creating podcasts and sound bites.

Marketers can also use tools like Wavve to create audiogram graphics. They can further extract a compelling quote from the recording and combine it with an appropriate image to create a highly shareable social media post.

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