Businesses should review their lead touchpoints to amplify marketing efforts

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August 07, 2020, 5:27 PM UTC

Reviewing the quality of leads or mailing lists can help marketers direct their efforts in the right way.

Companies should analyse their marketing processes to find out which channel is generating low quality leads so they can improve their operations. Adding a real-time email verification process can prevent brands from directing marketing efforts to incorrect or irrelevant email addresses. Leveraging a bulk email validator can further help brands verify their email lists.

Brands should also look at their process from the buyer’s point-of-view and identify areas of improvement. Marketers should ensure their customer-facing content and user interface are simple, easy to navigate and understandable.

Adding features such as live-chat can help brands effectively answer customer queries in real-time, while also portraying care for consumers. Being transparent about the pricing factors like shipping costs can help in improving customer experiences.

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