Create a leadership team to achieve goals and generate sustainable revenue

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August 07, 2020, 1:45 AM UTC

Building from a “not enough” pool of funds can lead to fear and stress.

This article sees Ali Katz, founder, Eyes Wide Open Life share tips on generating long-term sustainable revenue. Katz states that rather than focusing on passive revenue, redirect resources towards creating a sustainable income model that supports the business for the long-term.

Business leaders must establish roles and hire other people in the leadership team to achieve the desired outcomes. Tracking the right metrics in sales, marketing, and other departments can help leaders share control at the micro-level and focus on long-term objectives like sustainable revenue.

Having a clear estimate of what’s “enough” money before investing in teams and systems can help businesses pay for themselves without worrying about scarcity. Ideally, a business must creates and sustain revenue while sharing the wealth in the organisation.

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