Incorporate visual content on webpages to engage audiences and improve search ranking

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August 07, 2020, 3:19 AM UTC

Strategically placed visual content provides the right information to readers and improves user experience.

This piece states that serving visual content on websites can help site owners attract and retain visitors while building a memorable brand. Create a website with complimenting and consistent colours, fonts, and illustrations to stand out from competitors, and effectively engage audiences.

Incorporating information through images, GIFs, and videos into websites can help brands attract visitors and optimise their sites for search engines. Brands must optimise their visual content through image compression and formatting and use images judiciously to attract audiences.

Transforming data, figures, and statistics into visual formats like reports, infographics and more can help brands engage and retain audiences. Substituting at least 50% of text information with pictures is recommended to increase the time spent on site by audiences and drive returns.

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