Link targets in link building campaigns must live on Top Level Domain

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August 07, 2020, 9:28 AM UTC

Use the company blog page as a landing page if it’s not a subdomain.

This article states that before moving on to link building, brands must optimise their website, making it an optimal link target. For a webpage to be ideal for such optimisation, it must convert highly, typically lack in page authority and must be improved to rank for keywords on that page.

For effective linkbuilding, the link targets in question must be live on Top Level Domain (TLD) to improve organic visibility. Develop relevant, authoritative and “not to salesy” content to link back to, while executing a guest posting link building campaign.

Develop a single landing page and conduct on-page SEO optimisation to promote content for link building. Further, newsworthy content (with a jump link) at the bottom of highly converting pages aids link building.

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