Use data in copies so that it appeals to consumers’ emotions

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August 07, 2020, 2:56 AM UTC

Observe trends and conduct keyword research to stay updated and create newsworthy content.

This article recommends incorporating accurate and interesting data in copies to appeal to journalists. This helps a brand’s content earn coverage that resonates with a wider audience. Leverage resources like Reddit forums, data newsletters and more to access, analyse, and use data in copies.

Including data analysis or a combination of multiple data sets in content helps build brand authority. Data collection and survey construction must be so as to answer audience queries, such that it captures the attention of publications with tough editorial guidelines.

Craft viral content by including emotions that invoke curiosity, amazement, interest, uncertainty and astonishment to appeal to journalists and trigger an emotional response from audiences. Include actionable advice in educational content especially for finance, politics, and health and wellness categories.

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