Brands must reimagine their consumers' journey to build efficient digital self-services

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August 10, 2020, 1:12 AM UTC

People are trying to find the “digital twin” of physical activities or services they used before COVID-19.

As consumers move to digital amid the pandemic, brands must build digital self-service experiences to meet their demands and encourage new self-service habits around digital. Restructuring consumer journey maps to incorporate new habits can help brands create effective self-service engagement strategies for post-COVID-19.

Further, with digital self-service experiences being enforced and more people shopping online, consumer behaviour around customer services has evolved. Brands can employ chatbots and virtual agents in call centres to expand their customer service capabilities and gather insights.

Redesigning graphical user interface (GUI) on websites and using virtual assistants like Siri can enhance self-service digital experiences and differentiate brands from competitors. The author contends digital self-services can help brands future proof their businesses and save costs.

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