Maintaining a compassionate tone in the stories can help PR agencies thrive during the pandemic

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August 11, 2020, 1:41 PM UTC

Being overly joyful about any future plans can offend the public.

PR companies should maintain a sincere, compassionate and humane tone while telling brand stories. They should promote companies and products that can contribute to tackling the current challenges that customers are facing.

While trying to tackle the current crisis, PR companies should also strategize for the post-pandemic market and prepare for the new economic landscape. PR professionals should also refrain from centring all their stories around coronavirus. They should pivot stories around it only when brands are providing real solutions to the pandemic induced problems.

PR agencies are uniquely placed to take the initiative, as they are quick in adapting to the changes than other communication channels. PR companies can use this as an opportunity and respond faster than other channels of communication to attain long-term success.

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