30% US consumers emerged as “Protectors”, 40% as “Prevailers” and 30% as “Pragmatists” amid COVID-19

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August 12, 2020, 9:15 AM UTC

Protectors skewed towards Baby Boomers, Prevailers included Millennials and Gen X, and Pragmatists were more Gen Z and Millennials.

As challenges emerge from COVID-19, Deloitte’s recent research identified three clusters of American consumers, namely, Protectors (30%), Prevailers (40%), and Pragmatists (30%). Protectors are vigilant and anxious, Prevailers are confident and focused while Pragmatists are cautious and balanced.

However, distrust among consumers was revealed, as 60% of Americans don’t trust each other to social distance. Further, 70% want temperature checks for employees of businesses they engage with. Only 50% want the same for themselves.

69% respondents want brands to require that consumers wear masks. 65% want services like contactless delivery and curbside pick-up offered. When asked about virtual experiences, 56% wanted virtual experiences to feel more “human”, more for some experiences than others.

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