Brands must adopt new marketing strategies to build affiliate programs in the new normal

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August 12, 2020, 8:26 AM UTC

Keep the lines of communication open between affiliates or publishers to ensure the terms and conditions are being met.

This article states that with COVID-19 altering business operations, affiliate program managers must adapt new processes and strategies to prepare for the new normal. Promote and spend cautiously to remain visible to publishers and capitalise on ad hoc opportunities, while addressing dynamic commissioning.

Utilising the right technology stack can help brands manage budgets and partner payments while having accurate data insights. Re-approaching the pricing structures with flexible pricing systems is recommended to save margins and reduce costs.

Implement the right tracking, insights, and management tools, set clear KPIs, and innovate and spend to acquire quality consumers through affiliates. Exploring new channels, like influencers, brands ambassadors or loyalty partners can help expand the reach of the affiliate program.

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