Building cross-functional agile governance structures can boost agile decision-making

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August 12, 2020, 3:11 AM UTC

Encourage the company to think as a team to navigate obstacles around silos.

Implementing cross-functional agile decision-making solutions can help brands plan long-term and maintain customer satisfaction levels during crises. Mike Rowland and Mike Manfredo of West Monroe advise brands to build agile decision-making structures, collects insights, and use CRM systems to manage teams and consumer interactions.

Leverage agile governance structures around consumer journeys to build cross-functional and customer-centric departments with aligned decision-making strategies. Building teams of executives from each function can help them collaborate on specific parts of the consumer journey and make agile decisions.

Delegating decision-making responsibility to consumer-facing employees allows them to circumvent unnecessary approvals and double-checks and take crucial decisions on the spot. Brands must focus on attainable targets or quick wins to avoid “analysis paralysis” and make decisions based on time-to-value, when speed is required.

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