Include the use of dark social media, influencer marketing in social media marketing efforts

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August 12, 2020, 1:43 AM UTC

Use social media to go beyond just gaining likes and shares.

This article highlights three unavoidable kinds of social media marketing that businesses must consider. First is influencer marketing, which through the influencer’s network, gives a brand access to a much broader audience. It also opens up opportunities for content creation.

Another kind of social media marketing to consider is dark social media, which includes all the ways in which people share content amongst themselves without brands having any visibility into it. Brands must make it easy for consumers to share content by including calls-to-action and social sharing buttons.

The article advises the use of paid social media on a platform most relevant to the business to reach the target audience. For example, content that can strongly drive up email sign-ups is more suited for Facebook.

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