Reels should be woven into Instagram’s core experiences to make it more seamless

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August 13, 2020, 9:22 AM UTC

Scores of reuploaded, watermarked TikTok videos showing up on Instagram Reels makes the feature feel inauthentic.

This article states, with Instagram Reels’ recent launch to compete with Tik Tok, the feature feels like an add-on to the app’s main function. With users having to navigate to the Explore tab to watch Reels, and Instagram not labelling them like Stories, makes the feature feel like an afterthought.

However, TikTok’s finely tuned personalisation algorithm allows the platform to deliver a constant flow of videos into one feed. This removes the “paradox of choices” and creates a highly engaging and mindless experience for users.

Whereas on Instagram, users are overwhelmed with an array of options, hence obstructing the go-to experience. Instagram should build Reels into its core experience and make Reels videos surface upon opening the app to improve its performance.

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