Developing collaborative communications plan can mitigate risks from any potential crisis

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August 14, 2020, 3:04 PM UTC

The National Fire Protection Association defines crisis as an issue or event that has the potential to impact an entity’s operations.

With COVID-19 pandemic impacting businesses, collaborating communications efforts for crisis planning can help brands maximise their opportunities and mitigate risks. As marketers prepare for crisis planning, they must create effective communication strategies that act as a lever for collaborative communication.

A collaborative communications plan can help brands build trust among their employees while minimising risks from any potential crisis. Brands should ensure all personnel in the organisation and external stakeholders are well-versed with their roles in the crisis communication plan exercise.

Preparing an organisational risk assessment plan and developing a continuity operation system can help businesses prepare for a crisis. The author recommends brands to revise their crisis communication plans consistently and update it for any new potential risks.

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