Brands should scour their Instagram follower lists to find potential influencers

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August 17, 2020, 6:42 PM UTC

This approach can help discover both micro-influencers and established industry voices. 

Scouring through the follower lists and leveraging social listening reports can help brands discover potential social media influencers that can effectively promote them. Followers, who have a large number of followers of their own, and have posted about the brand in the past, are ideal candidates for partnerships.

Marketers should also examine their competitor’s follower lists to identify influencers within the wider industry. They can generate interest among these influencers by offering free trials or samples of their product or services.

Companies can look beyond Instagram and search for potential partners on search engines like Google. It can help marketers identify the top influencers in particular geography and niche. Analysing these search results can help brands find out appropriate partners.

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