Businesses must incorporate inclusive design principles into their communication processes

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August 17, 2020, 12:29 PM UTC

Conducting DE&I Assessment for communication and culture can help brands be better prepared for the future.

Organisations should enhance their diversity, equity and inclusivity (DE&I) initiatives to shield themselves from any potential economic, talent and reputational risks. Nurturing an inclusive culture and communication strategy can help brands stay relevant, viable and socially responsible.

Communication teams must identify how they can onboard new and different members to foster DE&I. Team leaders and people managers should ensure all voices are heard, and each employee is treated equally and privileged in the same manner. Having a diverse team can make it easier for brands to represent diversity in their communication channels.

Businesses should be consciously aware of their own biases and analyse each branded message in light of DE&I.  Questioning business processes and “unearthing embedded inequalities” are crucial for establishing a communication strategy free from racial biases.

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