SaaS firms should advertise on third-party websites instead of relying only on Google

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August 18, 2020, 5:52 PM UTC

Third-party websites can improve organic visibility and help in capturing up to 32% of the market share.

SaaS marketers need to be aware of the new marketing funnel and search engines’ ranking criteria to drive marketing qualified leads (MQL). Google now ranks third-party review sites higher as searchers want unbiased information before making purchase decisions.

To improve organic discoverability, SaaS marketers should advertise on third-party websites as they offer better close rates and cost per opportunity. Advertising on Google ads is not necessarily a profitable option as it can give marketers only an average of 2-4% click-through rate.

Marketers should also use the budget-modelling template to reallocate their money to the most required areas, ultimately driving more qualified leads. They can do this by calculating their customers’ actual lifetime value against the customer acquisition cost ratio for all their marketing channels.

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