Advertisers need to find a balance between their need for scale, signal and safety

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August 19, 2020, 12:57 PM UTC

Doing this would require making changes to advertising and data stacks.  

This article argues that brands must learn to balance their need for scale (reach), signal (accuracy) and safety (privacy). However, since these elements belong to separate technologies, they oppose each other strategically.

This balance is needed as marketing shifts from being media-centric to audience-centric. To solve for scale, building one’s own programmatic bidder or a segmentation strategy in a machine learning environment will be crucial.

To solve for signal, a first-party ID/tag system is needed. This must link to “clean rooms” of Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and more, commercial consortiums and new data tech entrants. Getting safety right will require thinking on safety with the context of clarity, choice, consent, children and control.

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