Brands must branch out their content ideas and overlay topics to achieve creative diversification

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August 19, 2020, 1:09 PM UTC

Craft simpler emails with more targeted outreach to land content placements.

Implementing a creative diversification process in the production phase can help minimise the risk content saturation in link building campaigns through coverage. This can help brands explore multiple angles of an idea and improve the outreach of their copies in their link building campaigns.

Branching out and overlaying content topics, while writing relevant content, can help marketers align content with their client’s goals and ensure full link coverage. Clearly outline the content approach and seek help from co-workers to gain multiple perspectives on an idea.

Crafting sector-specific data about the content for journalists and publications can further help brands boost their content outreach and help build links. Marketers can also place “hash URLs” like <h2 id="#subject"> in their links to enhance personalisation for journalists.

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