Collaborating with data agencies can help B2B marketers receive comprehensive data reports

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August 19, 2020, 8:55 AM UTC

Data partners can help B2B marketers build account-based marketing audiences across data providers.

This article highlights the data-related challenges B2B marketers experience and how they can overcome them. As B2B marketers face platform fatigue from using multiple platforms, they should collaborate with data agencies to extract and tie business-critical insights from various platforms and build unified reports.

Also, with B2B data being more complex to navigate, extracting and unifying data from multiple sources can improve campaign measurements. Layering B2B intent data and collaborating with data partners further allows B2B brands to overcome the limitations of IP targeting and discover potential prospects in the market.

Employing technology partners and reinforcing relationships with sales leaders lets B2B brands target consumers and “professional” personas amid COVID-19. Shifting budgets to more programmatic and digital campaigns is recommend for improving engagement during lockdown.

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