Conducting a gap analysis on the existing data can help brands get a clear view of their audiences

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August 19, 2020, 5:34 PM UTC

The ideal state of data for a brand should be relevant to the type of businesses they run.

Businesses should conduct a gap analysis on their customer data set to identify how their existing data aligns with their overall business strategies. It can help them declutter, obsolete and incomplete data and prevent the risk of over-focusing on irrelevant information.

But, decluttering of data should be done based on categories like email addresses or phone numbers and not based on their location. Marketers should prioritise data categories requiring immediate attention to meet business goals.

Businesses should also identify and discard the duplicate data to increase-cost efficiencies in their campaigns and push conversions. This piece states that organising the data can help marketers ensure their campaigns are reaching the right audiences and delivering positive brand experiences.

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