Having the right ABM model in place can help brands deliver genuinely personalised experiences

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August 19, 2020, 3:18 PM UTC

According to Accenture, an overwhelming number of consumers prefer buying from brands that offer personalised product recommendations or offers.

Marketers should analyse their current audiences and examine the characteristics of each account for a more personalised account-based marketing (ABM). Based on individual preferences, marketers need to figure out ways to customise user interactions.

Brands should try to match the consumers’ intent by offering them personalised experiences. They can identify intent by looking at data like their past interactions with the brand and the stage they are in their buying journeys.

Having an AI-based integrated CRM solution can further help marketers profile accounts by analysing data points in a short span. AI can also help the marketing team to do predictive analysis and apply it to the personalisation strategies to identify next steps in the process.

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