Include a list of targeted keywords in content briefs to ensure writers create SEO friendly content

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August 19, 2020, 1:55 AM UTC

Explaining the end-goal of a product in content brief helps writers optimise content and CTAs accordingly.

This piece suggests content brief practices brands can use to guide external writers and agencies for content creation. Researching about audiences’ content needs through surveys, competitor keyword analysis, and content ideation tools can help brands create relevant content with optimal lengths.

Including a list of targeted keywords, URLs, meta descriptions, and more in briefs can help writers create SEO friendly content. Formatting content briefs in sections can help guide writers to create highly relevant content first.

Provide information like domain URL and buyer personas to help agencies understand the target audience and craft content with an appropriate tone of voice and style. Sharing the preferred content examples and relevant visuals in content briefs is recommended.

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