Measuring authentic content can help brands gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies

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August 19, 2020, 3:31 PM UTC

86% of customers say that authenticity is a crucial factor in deciding brands they like and support.

Marketers should look beyond the share of voice, brand sentiment metrics, and measure the effectiveness of their marketing content throughout the customer journey. But, brands need to have proper key performance indicators relevant to their authentic campaigns to gain useful insights.

Businesses, however, need to first get over preconceived notions regarding the role of various job profiles in an organisation to offer authentic content. Brands also need to have a close look at their core purposes and take necessary actions towards them instead of only putting out corporate messages.

Marketers can use authentic content to attain long-term success in the context of their businesses and audiences. Leveraging always-on marketing strategies can help businesses build trust and strengthen relationships.

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