Using Smart Bidding in combination with a well-designed campaign can help maximise returns

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August 19, 2020, 6:12 PM UTC

Smart Bidding is a widely known series of automated bidding options available in Google Ads.

Advertisers should use Smart Bidding in combination with a sound campaign and ad group structuring, to maximise results from Google Ads budgets. This approach would enable Google to automatically identify the right auctions for their ads, irrespective of the keywords placed in ad groups or campaigns.

Businesses should also invest in a robust account structure to position themselves better in the long-run. A proper structure can allow advertisers greater control over their budget and ad placement as well as improved quality and analysis.

Advertisers should also consider their goals, evaluate their levels and opportunities at both campaign and ad group levels. Adding personalisation can further help advertisers empower Smart Bidding in delivering powerful results.

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