Privacy regulations are just window-dressing online privacy issues

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August 20, 2020, 5:17 PM UTC

These legislations do not address real privacy concerns like cell phone and ISP contracts that let companies sell and share customer data.

Different regulations like CCPA and GDPR have failed to address the real issues plaguing consumers' online privacy. This is because individual businesses usually do not have resources to comply with privacy laws in a timely manner.

Without dedicated compliance and legal teams, it can be challenging for small organisations to comply with privacy regulations due to the “vague” language of the guidelines. Moreover, failing to comply with the regulations can result in lawsuits as well as the loss of customer data, which be crippling for small businesses.

According to the Washington Post, companies like Verizon can avoid class-action lawsuits by including arbitration clauses in their terms and conditions. So, consumers should be informed about the loopholes in the terms and conditions, and seek true online privacy protection.

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