Sending direct mail to key audiences can help businesses enhance marketing efforts​

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August 20, 2020, 3:04 PM UTC

“Old school” lead generation tactic – Direct mails – have become a cutting-edge marketing strategy again.

Though there are multiple digital marketing methods available, sending direct mail can still prove to be beneficial for businesses in generating desired leads. But, marketers need to focus on variables of direct mail, like the list of receivers, the mail headline, and elements like fonts, labels and live stamps.

Marketers can either send direct mail in bulk or make a hyper-focused list depending on their business’s size. Sending mail in bulk can be expensive for small businesses. But, niche local businesses, like an automotive store, can generate high call volumes and leads from direct mail.

Hyper-specific businesses can purchase a list of targets from information source providers and third-party brokers. But, they should target only those receivers who could directly benefit from the product or service.

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