Tech companies should conduct audits to identify internal DEI problem areas

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August 21, 2020, 5:14 PM UTC

Only 5.5% of Google employees and less than 4% of Facebook employees are Black, according to their 2020 diversity reports.

With people demanding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) globally, companies should turn their “commitments” to diversity into actions. Conducting an audit can help a business get detailed representation numbers and numerically identify internal DEI issues.

An audit can not only provide numerical and experiential data like hiring or retention of Black or brown employees but also help identify whether all employees are equally reviewed and paid. The author suggests businesses should look for systemic biases for racial discrimination along with assessing the experiences and attitude of employees.

Companies should offer internal transparency and then make public statements about DEI. They should further strategically tackle unconscious biases in the ongoing processes by redefining crucial processes like interviews, hiring guidelines and reviewing performance metrics.

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