Auditing marketing tech stacks can help brands with decision-making and boost performance

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August 25, 2020, 1:10 AM UTC

Run tech stack audits to gain valuable insights on the efficiency of existing tools.

Evaluating and optimising tech stacks can help brands avoid tool overlaps, maintain a clean and accurate database, and align sales and marketing strategies. Define business goals and strategies and map out the decision-making process to effectively optimise the tech stack.

Conduct an audit of the current marketing tech stack to remove inefficient tools and update tools that could help make accurate decisions. The article recommends that brands assess their tech stack’s capabilities and identify gaps like functionality to improve decision-making.

Brands can use their tech stack audits to consolidate the data from their apps into a single source of database. Once optimised, brands should secure their tech stacks, incorporate them into the marketing mix and maximise their use to lift sales and marketing efforts.

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