Brands need to create compelling short adverts that quickly capture viewer attention

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August 25, 2020, 3:42 PM UTC

A study from the Technical University of Denmark found human attention span is narrowing.

With people being exposed to nearly 5000 ads a day, companies should focus the product at the start of the advert, to lead people who are already interested in the brand’s offerings. Even if the product is not famous enough, they can show the product and add a piece of fast-paced music like “What can’t Milk Do?” campaign by Dairy Farmers of Ontario to hook their audiences.

Sticking to a 30-second ad format can help brands create compelling ads that can prove their point without annoying viewers. Marketers can also capture viewer attention by showing a celebrity or relatable setting.

Businesses, though, must make sure that the advertisement has a clear message. But, like any story, every advert should have a prominent beginning and an ending.

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