Follow brand guidelines while drafting marketing copies and content across platforms

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August 25, 2020, 7:00 AM UTC

Drafting consistent copies across platforms, as prospects expect, could drive sales.

Creating consistent marketing copies across platforms can help marketers define their brand and move consumers further along the customer journey, while building trust. Build a checklist to act as a guide for drafting copies that align with the brand guidelines, to ensure consistency.

Brand guidelines can further help marketers create expected copies with consistent tone of voice in their emails, articles, social media, and more. Marketers must create well-written copies using brand colours and fonts to ensure it’s immediately identified by prospects and subscribers.

Write contextual copies, relevant with the other content formats to create a seamless customer journey for consumers and enhance engagements. Drafting content on similar topics is recommended to ensure they are consistent with other marketing copies in the campaign.

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