Businesses must have authentic conversations to nurture community relationships on Reddit

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August 26, 2020, 8:39 AM UTC

Use social listening tools to monitor conversations on Reddit and translate the insights into actionable steps for marketing campaigns.

This article suggests marketing ideas businesses can use to promote themselves on Reddit without being too persuasive. Brands should focus on building community relationships, as Reddit is a community platform driven by links, images, pictures and subreddits like “ask me anything” (AMAs).

Marketers can leverage AMA subreddits to genuinely and organically interreact with members of the community on niche topics while influencing prospects. Engaging with users from a personal account and having jargon-free conversations is recommended to attract consumers.

Brands can use Reddit to monitor product-related conversations, explore subreddits for trends, and gain insights into customers’ pain points. Further, with Reddit being home to a lot of user-generated content, marketers can find brand advocates and social proof for their marketing campaigns.

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