Businesses should tailor seasonal Facebook ads to the prospects’ stage in the sale funnel

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August 26, 2020, 4:05 PM UTC

Excluding recent customers, while retargeting can help avoid upsetting them about missed deals.

Brands should plan their holiday season Facebook campaigns in advance and share different offers to customers at various stages of the funnel. Marketers should also set up their exclusions beforehand, to make sure they are only showing offers appropriate to the buyer’s journey.

Businesses can attract customers by offering free gift-wrapping or guaranteed delivery if they order before a specific date. But, while planning Facebook campaigns, marketers should mark the key dates when seasonal advertising and costs may rise.

Testing ad creatives and copies in advance can help marketers identify the type of seasonal ads that can capture audience interest. It can also help marketers understand the time taken to turn a visitor into a customer.

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