Email could offer the path to a consensual, privacy-first model to replace third-party cookies

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August 26, 2020, 11:31 AM UTC

Along with other solutions like first-party data, emails can help marketers identify online users.

With third-party cookies phasing out soon, emails can act as a critical element in identifying online users. Emails have a longer look-back window and can accurately map together devices at the user level.

While emails can act as powerful identifiers, replacing third-party cookies with emails will be an uphill task as users take time to trust a brand and share their email ids. Gathering a significant number of emails can be another challenge for publishers.

A combination of email and other “high-quality” sources such as contextual technologies and log-level data can be a better solution to track audiences. Collecting fingerprint, browser-based or Chrome-delay lobbying data can further help ad buyers in testing and media mix modelling.

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