Brands are having a tough time maintaining loyalty during the pandemic

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August 27, 2020, 7:53 AM UTC

36% of consumers have tried a new brand recently, and 73% of the plans to incorporate that into their new routines, according to McKinsey.

With supply chain issues affecting the availability of products, customers are likely to try new brands. While companies are likely to lose loyal customers in specific areas, but they can also build a new customer base elsewhere.

Moreover, when the supply chain gets back to normal, brands are also likely to win back old fans. Engaging customers and responding to unexpected moments - like a pandemic - can help retain loyal customers and bring them back once the products are available.

Marketers should further find out which customers are buying out of habit and which ones are loyal to the brand. Initiatives to retain loyal customers can help brands spread word-of-mouth and turn customers into “Obsessed Superfans”.

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