Brands should consider multiple scenarios while preparing for any crisis

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August 27, 2020, 5:04 PM UTC

A crisis management plan can help businesses better prepare leadership teams to address disruptive and atypical risks.

While building a crisis a management strategy, businesses should consider social harm and scenarios that could confront the company, from all possible angles. The crisis management plan should include typical crisis like natural disasters and atypical ones like fake news.

The plan should also be revised regularly, at least once every month. Organisations should have a handy list of all the decision-makers that they can escalate issues to when required.

Companies should include everyone in the list who might be affected by the crisis, like outside counsel, the communications team, or human resources. Pre-drafting responses for different scenarios can help businesses address situations promptly. It can also ensure the brand can deliver a swift response and act fast with confidence during a crisis.

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