Adding interactive elements in marketing emails can help brands enhance engagement

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August 28, 2020, 5:00 PM UTC

Around 90% of marketers believe that interactive content makes their brands more memorable.

Marketers need to embrace technological innovations and apply them in email strategies to boost sales. Adding interactive content, like quizzes, in branded emails, can help companies provide an engaging experience to their customers. Interactivity makes recipients feel more involved and immersed in the brand experience. 

Businesses should also ensure that each of their emails is hyper-personalised as more than half of consumers who don’t receive personalised messages claim they would find other organisations to invest their time and money. Leveraging AI and real-time customer data can help brands target customer with tailored experiences.

Companies should implement a minimalist design in their emails by including only the necessary information and CTAs to attract readers, to avoid distracting them. They should also avoid using large images to optimise emails for mobile devices.

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